puffing the unpuffable

A passion for innovative puffing
At TuttiPuffs we believe that puffed food can and should be much more healthy, tasty, nutritious and varied than what is currently available. We achieve this by developing cutting-edge, unique production technologies and raw materials, that have never been puffed before!

The Puffing Possibilities

Root vegetables:
Sweet potatoes,
radishes, carrots
Chickpeas, lentils,
beans, sweet peas

Natural Snackable Goodness

Crunchies, energy bars, snacks and popcorn substitutes

Unique Nutritional Qualities:

We aim to revolutionize the snacking market with delicious and better-for-you puffed alternatives that are produced by our unique, proprietary technology.

Low fat
in new, exotic flavors

Part Of Billion Dollar High-Growth Markets

Tuttipuffs is part of the Healthy Snack Market, Gluten-Free Product Market and Puffed Food Market. These markets are valued at billions of dollars and are expected to grow by 5-9% over the next five years. Specifically, the puffed products market has an annual growth rate of 6.9%
Key drivers for growth are the diversification of product ranges, the growing demand for healthy, convenient and readily available foods closer to source ingredients, together with increasing awareness of gluten sensitivity.

Overcoming Market Challenges

Diversification of the product range

The market is constantly on the lookout for new and better products:
more varied, healthy, nutritious, and closer to the source ingredients.

Limited production processes

The puffed category is very traditional and technologically limited.

Limited sources and diversification

The main raw materials are rice and corn. Other raw materials are difficult to puff.

A Triple Game Changer – Disrupting The
Market With A Whole New Approach To Puffing

Our proprietary technologies allow us to overcome the challenges by 3 combined solutions:

Unique formulation
Using unique ingredients that maximize puffability

Coated micropellet
The coating mimics nature and maximizes the ability of the grain/micropellet to expand

Vacuum chamber
Our proprietary patented puffing apparatus increases puffing efficiency by a special vacuum-assisted process


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